Rosendale Fire Dept. responded to assist Bloomington with a structure fire on Old Lucas Turnpike June 10, 2021 at 2157hrs.
Rosendale Fire Dept. was called in on Mutual Aid to assist the Bloomington Fire Dept. with a Tractor Trailer tanker truck rollover with injuries on Creek Locks Road. Request was to assist with occupan...
Rosendale - Raymond H. Ritter, 80, of Rosendale died Saturday August 18, 2018 at his home following a long struggle with Parkinson's Disease. Ray was born in Kingston November 29, 1937 a son of th...
Rosendale - Robert E. La Fera, 79, a former longtime resident of Rosendale died Monday May 21, 2018 at ArchCare at Fernclliff in Rhinebeck. He was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on March 12, 1939 a son of the...
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Joining the Rosendale Fire Dept. as a firefighter is quite easy. The basic requirements are that you be 16yrs of age, live in the Town of Rosendale, and have no arson convictions on your record. To perform some tasks involved with active membership, you will be required to be in good physical condition. Click here to download an application :
On receipt of your application, the review board will process it and present it at our monthly meeting at which time you will be voted on.  If you are voted in, you are welcomed as a probationary member. Upon earning the requirements for active membership. You will be promoted to the level of ACTIVE FIREFIGHTER and will then be eligible for a key to the firehouse as well as a pager.
You will expected to respond to the calls when you can within reason. We understand that this is a volunteer organization and all firefighters cannot respond at all times due to a multitude of reasons. However, when a 2nd dispatch for all manpower is put out, we expect everyone to show up regardless of time of day, holidays, etc. This usually happens a few times a year. We have drills every week and you will be expected to make as many as you can. You will also be expected to attend as many monthly meetings as you can. OSHA training is once a year and is mandatory. This only entails two four hour evenings each year. Overall, you must make 15% of all calls and drills, 25% of department meetings.
As a firefighter and based on both your training, experience, and physical condition, you may be asked to perform tasks such as operating hose lines, climbing ladders, working on roofs, demolition, extricating patients from vehicles in auto accidents, pumping cellars, interior firefighting, search & rescue, cleaning up after fires, rolling hose, maintaining equipment, community safety presentations, and much more. You will be trained in the use of turn out gear, self contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, ladders, jaws of life rescue tool, CO2 detectors, foam, air bags/blocks, portable generators/pumps, driving and running the pumps on fire apparatus, emergency driving, demolition and chain saws, and many other pieces of fire related equipment.

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